My next Health Tip: Aleo vera, eating it

I have difficulty in believing the efficacy of herbal medicine until I tested a herbal suppliment called yoyo bitters, this is an extremely bitter syrup that stimulates (so they claim) production of bile. It was surprisingly effective, I went further to start a little research on plants that may have healing and health characteristics, finally I stumbled on Aleo Vera, part because my wife likes it, and part because I have it grown in my garden at home, after reading this piece about this plant, I tend to have greater interest in making sure this plant is tended very well in my garden at home, this was a job I regularly leave my wife to handle.
This is what I found out.

Aleo vera is a well known plant for treating burns and insect bites. However, many of you probably do not realize that you can eat Aloe vera too. In this article, I will discuss how and why you should eat Aloe vera.
How You Should Eat It –

Many of you are probably wondering why you should eat this plant. Without a doubt, a few of you have probably tried eating Aloe vera in the past. If you have tried eating Aloe vera, intentionally or not, you probably have come to the conclusion that it tastes horrible. And you’re absolutely right. But guess what? You’re not supposed to eat it raw. Yuck!

To properly eat the Aloe vera, you need to cut it up a bit. Take about a half inch to an inch worth of the Aloe vera leaf, and chop it up until you reach the translucent part of the plant. The translucent part of the Aloe vera plant is the part you will want to eat. So take away all of the darker green skin that you see, until only the translucent piece remains.

And then, place the translucent part of the Aloe vera in some cranberry juice or whatever you like to drink. This eliminates the horrible bitter taste that the Aloe vera plant has. Then just drink the juice until it’s all gone, including the Aloe vera chunk. The bad taste will vanish, and you will barely notice the Aloe vera sliding down your throat.

Why You Should Eat It –

Eating Aloe vera is very healthy. People in Asia eat this plant all the time. People in China, Japan, Korea, and other Asian nations will mix Aloe vera chunks with teas or even meals. In the United States, some people are starting to eat this plant too. The main reason for eating Aloe vera is because it will increase your resistance to disease.

The plant is full of antibiotics, which will fight off infections. Some people claim that eating Aloe vera will also prevent hair loss. This is mostly a rumor, but it could be true. It wouldn’t help you any if you’re already bald, but it might aid you if your hair is just starting to thin. Aloe vera is also rumored to help reduce acne or pimples as well


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