Try Getting older and Getting better!!!

I. Wanted to share this story before I sleep, Most of us have learned that we better take care of ourselves because our. Days are numbered. But I have to also. Share that if we treat our bodies right the improvements can be astonishing.
Hulda Crooks lost her. Husband when she was about 60years old her own health was going bad and her doctor told her that if. She didn’t get an exercise she would soon follow her mate, she took him seriously and began to walk, increasing distance everyday, then she began hiking. She started following the trails of. Mount san. Gorgornio, near her home. In Southern California, eventually she tackled Mount whitney, the highest mountain in the contiguous 48 states. By the time she is 91 years she had hiked to the top of Mount Whitney and back 23 times.

Another is Jack. Lelanne. Somehow he learned that. After 30years of age we loose 2% of our muscle mass every year, when. We are about 70 or so we don’t have the. Strength to get out of a chair, He was the first exercise guru on TV- this is. Probably more than 50 years ago, when he was 45 years old he completed 1,000 push-ups and 1,000 chin-ups in less than an hour and half, (I am not sure I can get 1000 in a week, maybe someone reading this cannot do one) at 60 years he shackled his wrist behind him and tied his ankles together and attached himself to a 1000pound boat that he pulled, porpoise-like, from. Alcatraz to fisherman’s wharf a distance of about 70 miles, at 70 years hands and feet similarly shackled, he towed 70boats with a person in each for almost 2 miles, across long beach Harbour. At 80 he was going to do same thing with 80. boats, but we hear his wife put her foot down.
Our bodies are indeed wonderfully made! If we are growing older and concerned about our health going downhill, why not start treating your body right? Who knows what possibilities. God has created within us? The better we treat our bodies to some storm of exercise, the better!!! Ponder on this good. Night ( Good morning) !!!!


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