Why companies suucced!!

There are a myriad of reasons while organizations succeed, but complex and computational modeling have little or nothing to do with how companies succeed, a leader with vision, a good business process management, adoption of lean processes, history have shown that the “companies or organization tagged with excellence are seldom called same after less than a decade, numerous examples of failed organization shows clearly this fact.
While browsing through one of my favourite source of the future of business (Frank Feathers Futurebiz. Site, I was actually thinking about how great companies are built, I also read “Good to great” by Jim Collins a book so good at what needs to pull a mediocre (Organization) success to great success.
My thinking this morning is a simples effect of bringing some good people together to create a great company, great leaders can get other great leaders to form a great company,
great leaders can simply gather other great leaders, I think great leaders are called so, because they can bring together and nurture other great leaders.
Think of an organization, that brings so many entrepreneurs together and have a common vision and organizational goal, think of each leader having a complimentary business skill-set, the CEO as the agreegator of others with profound managements skill-set, have an articulate eye for numbers and details, the CIO knows technology inside out, and can boast of creative ideas of bringing out a commercial sense of every emerging technology, in this hierarchy-less model organization, the COO is flawless in operations and all motives is geared towards creating sync with and within what the CEO and CIO are doing, directed towards goals set the organization.

All other member will be selected with different and certain complimentary entrepreneurial skill-set to move the organization to desired goals within a set timeline, the volume (of value) to be created will be likened to a mutation of atomic bomb that multiplies itself in few seconds, “BOOOOM” what you see is a “great company”

“The achievements of an organisation are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” – Vince Lombardi”


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