Born Months of September through November? chances are you will live for 100 years!!

I do not like to give in to sweeping comments some time, i consider my time as being too precious to ague over irrelevance, however i was just thinking what research could pin point some characteristics that could make some one live long, however i was simply searching for what can naturally occur and less of what someone can do to live longer, i know such details are all over the internet, factors ranging from the spiritual dimension, stress level reduction, reduced food consumption to physical exercise, this wasn’t what i was looking for.

Anyway i stumbled upon these facts from sites that hold authority in facts-based discoveries, well without wasting your reading time, i saw a report from fox news, i do not know if this have  enough authority to report this kind of finding, The story started by congratulating me (us) whose birthday fall within September, october or November, we may have above-average chances of living an extra-long life,  A study was conducted by researchers from the university of Chicago, they looked at data of more than 1,500 people who where born between 1880 and 1895 and who lived to be 100 or older, they compared that data with the birth-month and lifespan of nearly 12,000 of the centenarians siblings and spouses, the majority of people who lived an extra-long life where born between september and November.

It was observed that months of birth have significant long-lasting effects on survival to age 100; Siblings born in September -November have a higher odds to become centenarians compared to siblings born in March, the research supports the idea of early life programming of human aging and longevity.

please understand the caveats here, if you are born between september and November you are not guaranteed a longer life, however the odds certainly is in your favour Image

The reason for much of the centanarians being born within these months wasnt so clear, however the few possible causes suggested was that in the late 1800s food abundance was dependent on seasonal changes, the fall harvest must have contributed to breast feeding mothers eating healthier and transmitting more nutrients to the young ones, another suggestion which holds a strong evidence is the weather, the relatively mild temperature of fall- as opposed to hot summers or cold winters can also make babies healthy.

i hope you have learned a new thing today, kindly do me a favor, let me see your comment here!


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3) See the study here Journal of Aging Research: Journal of Aging Research

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